Are your clients struggling to understand what you really mean?
Master communication so that clients literally love you, never ask for refunds, and can’t stop talking about you to their friends. 
Does communicating with dogs come easier than communicating with humans?

Are you finding yourself saying one thing and then the client doing something totally different?

It all comes down to communication.

Your success. Your clients’ success. And, most importantly, their dogs’ success.

Communicating with confidence and clarity is critical to getting the best results and providing the best experience for everyone involved!

BUT - I know you became a dog trainer because you love the dogs.

If you’re like me, you’ve always found it easier to connect with animals than with people.

For some reason, nonverbal communication with an entirely different species is easier for you than talking to another human!

I get it. I’ve been there.

Fortunately, you can actually get better at communicating with people.

I’ve grown to LOVE my human clients.

This not only makes for a better client experience, but it also means I ENJOY my human clients.

I connect with them, too.

And I want the same for you.

I want you to wake up each morning EXCITED to see your four-legged AND two-legged clients.

I want you to connect on a deeper level with them.

There’s nothing better than when you’re able to connect and relate so well that your clients turn into friends.

When this happens, your clients enjoy your company.

They don’t ever give you a hard time for being human.

The relationship is based on respect and mutual appreciation for the other.

You become more than a dog trainer that’s there to solve a problem.

You become a mentor.

A confidante.

A cheerleader.

A close friend.

They begin to continue working with you because they love training their dog and they enjoy the time they spend with you.

They are motivated to do the work you tell them to, because they know why they should do it and how it will benefit the relationship with their dog.

They brag about you to their friends (Hello Referrals!) because they appreciate your help so much.

They see their dog changing for the better because your instructions are so clear and precise.

They feel confident confiding in you because you’ve created a safe space to be vulnerable.

They feel safe and guided because you’ve created clear guidelines and structure so they know what’s expected and are more than happy to comply.

YOU are calm and confident because you know EXACTLY what to say when they express challenges, heartache, or frustration.

You can respond quickly to mistakes they might make without offending them or negatively impacting your relationship with them.

You’re comfortable speaking about your viewpoint and recommendations.

You know your clients are interpreting your instructions correctly because they’re making amazing progress.

You gather feedback quickly and frequently so that you can clarify when needed to ensure progress.

You’re confident in yourself, your skills, your value, and in WHO you are so that you attract people that value you and enjoy being in your presence.

You deserve this. You CAN have this!

You can learn the ins and outs of human communication so you can...

BE confident and clear
ENJOY your business more
LOVE your clients
HELP more dogs than you can even imagine
SPREAD the power of science based dog training
MAKE more money by building a community of dedicated clients that love you back!

That’s why I’m super excited to announce this program.
"Communicate Confidently for Better Results, Relationships, and Revenue"

4 Week Live Group Coaching Program

Master communication so that clients literally love you, never ask for refunds, and can’t stop talking about you to their friends. 

You’ll learn:

How to articulate your recommendations with clarity and confidence.

How to respond to clients that are struggling.
How to be more efficient when communicating to give your clients a better experience.

How to build a safe space for your clients to share their emotional and physical challenges when it comes to managing their dog.

How to be more confident in your instructions and expertise.

How to communicate online more effectively in virtual lessons and via email.

How to handle challenging clients for better success.

How to build deeper connections to your human clients for more success.

How to use communication as an avenue to improve your reputation.

How to communicate for better results from training because of better compliance.

How to generate more referrals by communicating your expectations.

AND so much more we can’t even begin to explain!

This is a completely UNIQUE and original program by one of my favorite people and dog trainers, Megan Wallace.

When you’re a great communicator, your clients will appreciate that.

You’ll STAND out from the crowd by FAR because - let’s face it - this is something many trainers struggle with.

You’ll be able to charge more and earn more because you’ll provide a superior experience that's worth the extra cost for many of your ideal clients.

Your clients will be happier because they’ll have gained a dog trainer, friend, and mentor.

You’ll get more referrals because your clients will brag about how well you’re running your services.

In this Group Coaching Experience You'll Get...

  • Weekly 1-hour group coaching call with Megan for 4 weeks (some lecture, some Q&A) ($800 Value!)
  • PDFs of slides from each call
  • ​Access to an exclusive, limited-time Facebook Group for 6 weeks (Priceless, honestly…)
  • ​Recordings and group discussions will be saved in our online course where you’ll have lifetime access.
  • ​Loads of templates or scripts you can use to better communicate ($1000 Value!)
  • Weekly worksheet so you can fill in the blank to follow along and fill out during or after each call

ONE TIME ONLY: A bonus call & discussion with Ines McNeil, Founder of The Modern Dog Trainer, specifically focused on how to have more confidence in yourself. ($500 value!)

A Welcome Packet template you can customize and better prepare your clients for their time with you, set expectations, and proactively communicate how you work. ($100 value!)

A Lesson Overview template you can fill out during your lessons to provide notes to your clients on the spot and reduce time spent in your inbox. ($50 value!)

Follow up email templates so you can copy/paste repetitive emails and save yourself loads of time from emails and reinventing the wheel. ($100 value!)

An Onboarding Process Roadmap guide to help you streamline how leads become new dog training clients efficiently and smoothly to make it easy on them AND you. ($200 value!)

Scripts for overcoming objections to certain training techniques (like: why so many treats?!) so you can spend less time finding the right words ($100 value!) 

Feedback form questions to ask every client to get the BEST feedback to improve ($50 value!)

Journaling prompts/questions to ask yourself to boost your confidence ($50 value!)

This is well over $2900 worth of industry-leading information and we're making it available for only 10% of that!
The Modern Dog Trainer is a recommended resource by the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers.
Don't wait! Spots limited!
Registration deadline: June 2, 2020 at 3pm Eastern
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About Megan Wallace, CPDT-KA, CNWI
Founder / Operator of Dogs Deciphered LLC

Megan has been training dogs most of her life, starting with trying to certify the family dogs as therapy dogs at age 10. Her hobby grew into a passion, and after getting her B.S. in Biology from Colorado State University, she worked a variety of dog related jobs.
These jobs gave her experience handling many different types of dogs in different situations, and most importantly, connecting with their humans. She took that experience, and a ton of wonderful advice from her great mentors along the way, and created a dog training business called Dogs Deciphered.
Her number one goal is to educate people, and help humans and dogs understand each other better.
“Megan has a way with words that I sometimes struggle to find. On multiple occasions she has helped me process information and know how to communicate with my clients in a way that fostered the relationship, while providing them with the information that they needed in different situations. She has helped me think about some of my clients in a different way so that I am able to be the best I can be for any type of client in any type of situation. She helped me feel more confident in myself and understanding to my clients.” 

Victoria Kander, CPDT-KA, ANWI

“I have high regard for Megan's skills and keen observational abilities, both with dogs and with people. As a student in her classes I have observed her measured ability to say just enough at just the right moment in order to make a point, plant a seed for change, or offer needed praise. This is never overdone or insincere and Megan has the amazing ability to understand the student's level of receptivity and to pitch her message to exactly that level. As a fellow trainer I was pleased to sign up when she offered client communication consults. I have benefited by her tactfully phrased perspective on my communication blind spots. I believe her advice has eased some of my student coaching frustration and made me a more effective, happier instructor.”

Sally Dunphy, CNWI

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course recorded or live?
It is live but you’ll get lifetime access to all the recordings from these live calls.

How is this different from other free group coaching programs?
This is a highly focused program to help you achieve specific goals. It is also limited to 20 spots to keep the discussion private and intimate. And so everyone can receive the guidance they need to make massive progress and improvements in how they communicate to clients. You’ll find that everyone in this program is as committed as you to improve which will make for a better experience!

Where will it be held?
The group calls will be held in a private Zoom meeting each week. All recordings will be stored for you in the online course platform, Thinkific. And we’ll have a limited-time Facebook group open for just 6 weeks for this program.

When will the live calls be held?
The live calls will begin June 2nd and will be held Tuesdays at 2pm MST for 4 consecutive weeks. Again, everything will be recorded and accessible after each call.

Will there be CEUs? 
We've applied for CEUs through the CCPDT and are confident they will be approved. We'll let you know as soon as we hear back. 
Don't wait! Spots limited!
Registration deadline: June 2, 2020 at 3pm Eastern
On no! You missed the registration deadline. Make sure you're on our email list to receive the latest updates, news, and programs at
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