Watching as social distancing crushing your bank account?
Go from paralyzed, frustrated, and lost to finally earning money online, attracting only the BEST clients, and having FUN daily without worrying about your bills. 
With everyone hopping online like never before, there are so many distractions and other businesses you're competing for attention with. 

You know you could be making more money through virtual consults, courses, and classes, but you're stuck at how to differentiate yourself from *everyone.* 

You know you need the business, but it's a bit intimidating now when you're competing with the best of the best now. 

Here's what I think... There are potential clients out there that need YOU. You - as you are - have something special to offer so STOP comparing yourself.

This new program will help you differentiate yourself online, attract clients you actually LOVE, and have FUN while growing your (newly) online dog-based business.

This brand new program is designed to help you bring out who you ALREADY are so that you can attract clients that want and CAN pay for your services and expertise. 

You'll attract people that want to work with YOU - not just anyone they can find on Google. 

You'll create a unique offer that is different than what everyone else is offering. 

You'll discover your own confidence to show up online so that people can't help but pay attention. 

This program is for dog business owners that refuse to lie down and accept defeat right now. 

This is for those of you that know there is opportunity here.
For those that are resourceful and determined.

You align with the belief that you are radically responsible for your growth and success, and your position in life. 

You are absolutely disgusted by a "it can't be done" mentality. 

You're determined to make it happen. To overcome and to build a bulletproof business with some level of online services or passive income even after this pandemic is over.

You want to attract "your people." Dog owners that value their dogs. That want what's best for their dogs. That will do the work you recommend. 

Right now - you just need some inspiration and guidance on what to do next. 

Maybe you're ready to use this time to build passive income sources that could grow and become an important part of your business model so you can fun your dream facility someday. 

You're ready to take this time to finally get clear on who you want to work with, on who lights you up. 

You're ready to become the community leader you always dreamed you could be to spread the knowledge and expertise you have to help thousands more live wonderful lives with their dogs. (And save thousands of dogs in the process...)

Maybe you dream of having your brand become recognized as a leader in the dog-loving community. 

This program is for those that want to take action but are stuck or paralyzed by all the options and decisions to make to build an online presence and DON'T want to waste their time. 


5 Day Launch Your Online Dog Program Intensive

Discover how to differentiate yourself and create a unique program your favorite types of clients will love. 

Break through the haze and get clear on your path forward so you can earn more online!

During this 5-day intensive we'll eliminate your confusion about what you should be offering online as a dog-based business.
You'll develop a service, course, or combo program, that will feel good to you and that your clients will absolutely love. 

You'll quickly see how you can differentiate yourself from everyone else online right now to attract clients that love who you are as a human and dog expert.

You'll get clear on what you should be offering that's totally different than anything else anyone else is doing. You'll create a service or program that NO one else is offering so that it's an "absolutely YES!" from your ideal clients. 

You'll learn how to convey the value of working with YOU specifically and what transformation your clients will go through by doing so.

Your clients need you right now! We are facing an unprecedented situation in our lifetimes and they need you to step up and take the (virtual) lead. 

Who is this for? 
This 5-day intensive is great for dog trainers with existing businesses that want to offer something unique online!

I'll guide you through everything you need to...
Discover who you should attract to your online services so they can pay you what you're worth...
Understand what they need and want...
Sell an online program they'll be dying to get in on...

Note: I will not be covering how to set up a business entity, choose insurance, etc. This is for dog business owners that are already established but have not launched successful online services or courses before. 

Over this 5 day intensive, you'll learn about:

  • BRANDING - ​How to Get Clear on Your Brand
    Discover the direction you should take your brand to attract clients that are both people you love working with and can afford your services. 

    We'll identify the imagery, designs, colors, and messaging that your ideal clients will resonate with. You'll learn an insider-secret on what the best professionals do to learn about their ideal clients without picking up the phone and talking to them. 

    You'll also get clear on your mission statement and vision for your business so you can fully understand how these online offers can fit into your long-term business growth plan. 

  • ​CONFIDENCE - How to Find the Confidence within Yourself to Become Unstoppable 
    I'll show you that you are already the person you want to become in order to show up online authentically. Blast limiting beliefs that are holding you back from having what you want.

    Offering services online shouldn't be different than doing so in person. You still need to work with people that make life fun. You'll learn how to be ruthless about what makes your business fun or not so you can show up as your best and happiest self each day.

  • ​PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT - How to Differentiate Your Services from Others
    Create a unique online program that cannot even be compared to others' offers because it is so different, targeted, and valuable beyond measure. 

  • ​PRICING STRATEGY - How to Price Your Online Offers
    We'll look at the value of what you're providing with your online services along with who you are attracting to your business to identify a price that you'll feel confident in. 

  • ​MARKETING - Where and how to Show Up Online so People Will Want to Tune in
    Create marketing content that people can't wait to see more of. Become the person that lightens their day and improves their lives so they can't wait to work with you. 

Full Curriculum

DAY 1 - Get clear on your ideal client.
  • Identify who you love working with.
  • ​Market research without picking up the phone.
  • ​Clarifying your ideal client's desires and values.
DAY 2 - Get clear on your goals and vision.
  • Know what your ideal business looks like.
  • ​Discover what you actually need to be selling.
  • ​Clarify what your ideal clients care most about.
DAY 3 - Design YOUR unique online program.
  • Get clear on your unique system.
  • ​Know the online services your ideal client wants.
  • ​Choose your program's name, tagline, and price.
DAY 4 - Differentiate your brand.
  • Create a brand message ideal clients love.
  • ​How to be authentically you - online.
  • ​Marketing to stand out.
DAY 5 - Putting it all together.
  • ​How to ask for the sale online.
  • Assemble your going forward plan.
  • ​Next steps.

What's Included?

  • 5 days of video lessons ($1000 Value!)
  • ​20 page workbook with summaries and fill-in-the-blank worksheets ($400 Value!)
  • ​Audio transcripts of all lessons to take with you on the go
  • ​Discussion forum 
  • ​BONUS - Cliff-notes to my favorite mindset books to maintain control over your thoughts, emotions, and actions during these chaotic times. ($100 Value!)


BONUS: 2 Week Launch Plan Playbook 
($200 Value!)

This playbook contains daily actions you should be doing to promote and launch your online program in the next two weeks. Use these daily task lists to guide your content creation to attract your ideal clients and be visible on multiple platforms. 

BONUS: Sales Page Cheat-sheet
($200 Value!)

Make sure you're including everything you need to on your online dog training program sales page so that people understand it's value and sign up! 

*NEW* BONUS: Two Online Program Examples

Take a sneak peek into what a low-cost and a high-price online dog training program could include to compare and decide on what you could offer your ideal clients. You'll see who each program is designed for and it'll include features in the sample program as well as a high-level curriculum.

BONUS: Behind the scenes look into how I make a living from my online business 
($200 Value!)

Get a peek into everything that goes on behind the scenes at The Modern Dog Trainer and how everything comes together to generate passive income while I'm asleep.

BONUS: Email marketing how-to handout with launch email sequence
($200 Value!)

Get a clear understanding of how email marketing should be used to generate clients for your dog business whether online or in-person. You'll also get access to an email sequence you should be using to launch your new online program.

This is for you if... 

  • You want to make money with a online dog training program. 
  • You know you can help people that are struggling with their dogs. 
  • You follow least invasive, minimally aversive (LIMA) behavior principles. 
  • You take your dog training business as seriously as a CEO.
  • You are ready to do what it takes to build a successful business (online or offline). 
  • You want active & passive income from your online dog training program. 
  • You want to make more money as a dog trainer so you can make a bigger impact, give back, and continue your education to be the best you can be. 
  • You want to have or already have a clear vision for the direction of your dog training business.

This is NOT for you if... 

  • You're expecting a tech tutorial.
  • You're not comfortable earning money for your expertise.
  • You're not interested in earning more money online. 
  • ​You're not ready to take action immediately.
The Modern Dog Trainer is a recommended resource by the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a LIVE training?
No, everything is recorded so you can watch the material at your own pace. This is a 5-day intensive though so my goal is that you're able to take actions every day to make progress. 
How do I access the material?
After checking out, you'll be automatically enrolled into our online course platform - Thinkific. Please keep a look out for your log in from that platform so you can jump into the lessons. If you have any trouble accessing the material, simply email us at
Are there CEUs? 
This program has been approved for 5 CEUs for trainers by the CCPDT. 
How long is it?
This program includes a 30-60 minute lecture plus workbook. I recommend you spend at least 1-2 hours per lesson to get the most out of the material. These exercises will be the foundation for your business for years to come so they are worth carving out some time to complete.
Will I learn how to use technology to teach online lessons? 
No, this is a not a "how-to" tech course. Please see my "Virtual Dog Training Lessons" workshop to learn about that. 
Do you offer refunds?
We stand by our products so we offer a 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee . If for any reason you’re not satisfied with this program within the first 30 days, we’ll issue a prompt and full refund. There’s only ONE condition: Please show us you made an effort to complete the lessons and implement the material.
Can I ask you questions?
You can participate in the discussion forum, however, if you require additional assistance, please sign up for the VIP program option to receive access to Q&A calls. 
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$2300 Value!

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